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Healing Daejeon
Healing Daejeon
Healing with the nature of Daejeon!
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Friday Arrival Course Staying
Morning 09:20 Daejeon Station
09:30 Travel Lounge
10:10 Mt. Jangtaesan Natural Recreation Forest 120min
Sungsimdang Cake Boutique/ Uineungjeongi Culture Street stopover
13:00 Daejeon Station
Afternoon 14:00 Daejeon Station
14:10 Travel Lounge
14:40 Jangdong Recreational Forest / Mt. Gyejoksan Red Clay Trail 120min
Daejeon Jungang Market stopover
17:40 Daejeon Station
Night Tour
Daejeon Nightlife (Jul – Sep)
Take a walk in the night of Daejeon! Every Friday biweekly cross departure from Daejeon, Sejong.
※ The schedule of astronomical observatory is operated by online booking system. Limited to 40 visitors. Booking a ticket can be done by 5 p.m. on the previous day (Thu.) of boarding. When the total number of visitors is full, entry to the astronomical observatory may not be allowed. In the case of visitors who apply for a viewing on the boarding day, entry to the astronomical observatory is not be allowed. Viewing of only general exhibition halls (Visitors can view the astronomical observatory on days when the number of booked slots is not full. However, in the case of boarding on such a day, it’s not certain when booking will be closed, so the availability of viewing slots can be checked onsite.)
Time Course Staying
18:30 Daejeon Station
19:00 - 20:00 Daedong Mural Village/Sky Park 60분min
20:30 - 21:30 Expo Hanbit Tower Plaza Music Fountain & Media Facade Performance 60min
22:00 Daejeon Station
Time Course Staying
18:20 Government Complex Sejong
19:00 - 20:30 Expo Hanbit Tower Plaza Music Fountain & Media Facade Performance 90min
20:50 - 21:30 Daejeon Observatory Astronomical Observation
(※ Reservation is need before the tour)
22:10 Government Complex Sejong