Non-contact Mission Tour
Among visitors who take photos in front of more than two photo zone signboards along the course,
post the photos on social media and upload "undisclosed footage" on the review message board of the
City Tour Homepage, we select five people randomly and offer two free-pass tickets of City Tour.
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Sensibility Daejeon / Sat 09:30 , 14:10 Departure
Saturday Arrival Course Staying
오전 09:30 Daejeon Station
09:40 Travel Lounge
09:55 Daecheongho Obaekri-Gil Section 5 70min
11:40 Daecheongho Meditation Garden 50min
13:00 Daejeon Station
Afternoon 14:10 Daejeon Station
14:20 Travel Lounge
14:30 Temiorae 60min
15:35 Former Chungnam Provincial Government 40min
16:40 Hannam University Missionary Village 30min
17:40 Daejeon Station